In BPM projects, Organizational Units (OU) describes the departments or offices into a company that are involved in a business process. These departments or user groups maybe are not in an “official” organizational chart necessarily, but they have a meaning to the business process.

From time to time we discovered SOA installations that got this little TopLink warning in the SOA server log every minute:

Oracle VM in VirtualBox sounds a bit wrong, why would you like to do server virtualization within desktop virtualization? Well, the performance might not be very good, but being able to play around with Oracle VM, without using several physical servers, sounds like a good idea to me.

Database connection issues could sometimes be hard to solve for a middleware administrator. Below are three scenarios that we have run into, and that are easy to check, now that you know about them:

After have installed Oracle SOA Suite over and over again, you start to finding out that these are boilerplate tasks and do not generate much value, because this are only the initial step to implement solutions with SOA and BPM.