Book review: Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform

November 28, 2014

Reading time ~1 minute

I’ve had the opportunity to present a review of the book Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform.

Once I started to read the chapters, I found it quite interesting because of these:

  • Great introduction to SOA principles, and Oracle SOA Suite evolution
  • Align AIA Concepts with SOA patterns
  • A key topic for SOA success: Service Repository
  • An extensive and complete description of Security and Error Handling

It looks like a really long book (572 pages), and it is. But this is justified because it takes a great approach from concepts to examples combined with experiences and source code. This could help you to feel more confident about your SOA design decisions.

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Jorge is part of the middleware team at Sysco and an Oracle ACE Associate . He has developed business solutions based on Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies since 2010. Also he is certified as SOA Architect and Implementation Specialist at BPM, SOA and WebLogic products.

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