Activate Windows license in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


In a private subnet, you have one or more Windows servers that needs to activate the Windows licenses. Instead of using Microsofts own licensing servers, you have to use Oracle KMS service. My Oracle Support Knowledge Base document ID 2228641.1 “License Activation For Windows Instances” describes the process, but unfortunately that didn’t work for us.

What we ended up doing was running the following commands in PowerShell on each server (replace with your servers ip):

route add mask
slmgr /skms
slmgr /ato
Get-CimInstance -ClassName SoftwareLicensingProduct | where {$_.PartialProductKey} | select Description, LicenseStatus

Description                                           LicenseStatus
-----------                                           -------------
Windows(R) Operating System, VOLUME_KMSCLIENT channel             1

LicenseStatus = 1 is ok (it was 5 before we where able to activate)