API Economy - and how to implement it

Sysco has waited long for Oracles new API Platform Cloud Services - and finally this summer it was released. We had a Cloud Hands-On seminar this spring, and one of the promises we had was to provide the audience an API seminar later this year. There were more than 30 participants in the audience.

Syscos Arturo Viveros gave an introduction to API Economy, and why it is so important onwards.

We were so lucky to get Robert Wunderlich over from USA to give provide the content for the rest of the day. He did also arrange the hands-on session.

From our view the API CS offering from Oracle covers a lot, and has some advantages over the competitors. Still a young product, but based on proven technologies (like the gateway) and embracing and integrating components as Apiary. We also saw that API Fortress is something we should learn more about. Working on industry standard formats for REST and using the available tools is a strategy we like. Developing all components from scatch may not be the best idea when integrating with existing solutions is an option.

We had a room with limited space for hands-on, but we did get to to a lot in the 2 hours we had. We also did discuss roadmap and migration from OAG. Sysco has some customers using OAG - and for many of them this platform is very interesting.