OUGN 2017

Sysco was Gold Sponsor at OUGN this week. The conference had 312 participants, and at most 9 sessions at the same time. There were speakers from 20 countries this year - and this was the 10th year the conference on the ship. The conference concept is getting better year by year - and because all are stuck on the boat for 48 hours there is a lot of arenas for social activities.

There were hardly any wind or waves this year - and nice weather.

Ann-Sofie did serve the anniversary cake - and there was plenty of good food and drinks available for the particvipants.

As one of the 3 gold partners, Sysco’s CEO Frank Vikingstad presented a history of the recent conferences - also those before the cruise (was in the Norwegian mountains).

Sysco had 6 presentations this year - Arturo Viveros, Jorge Quilcate, Jon Petter Hjulstad and Dalibor Blazevic.

This year the show on friday night was with DJs from the community - Hans-Jørgen Stengle and Håkon Onsager and with Magnus Fagertun on Saxophone - it was great - and the dance floor was crowded!

We are looking forward to next years conference!