OUGN Integration SIG - DevOps

The second OUGN Integration SIG was dedicated to: Implementing Practical DevOps for Integration Projects. All customers and Partners do things that make them more efficient on the FMW platform - things which are not available out of the box. The SIG is a perfect arena to share such knowledge.


More than 20 people showed up - despite a busy december.

First Morten Folwell from Apotek1 presented the processes and tools they use to make development and build / deploy to be efficient and safe for them. The developers there also do operations - so DevOps is definately in their blood. They do to a large degree use Maven to automate creation of artefacts - and use Jira to govern a process that ensures quality.

After that Arturo Viveros from Sysco presented what Development Cloud can do for you. For those who use Oracle PaaS - this will be an integrated part of your offering (at no extra cost).

Oracle sponsored beer and pizza - this time we tried out some of the norwegian christmas beer! We had 8 different varieties - and we plan to make this a tradition every year!