Some presentations about EM 12c

June 12, 2014

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We recently had presentations about Enterprise Manager 12c “Deep Dive” in Oslo and Bergen together with Oracle.

Here are to presentations I had about how you can install Enterprise Manager 12c, and how you can maintain it by patching the different components. I hope it might be useful for some of you.

Presentation about installation.

Presentation about patching.

Jon Petter is Department Manager for Middleware at SYSCO. Building an organization of skilled Oracle Middleware experts, with a focus on Oracle SOA Suite, Weblogic, Oracle Service Bus, BPM Suite, BAM, Oracle Event Processing. He has worked with Oracle products since 1997, and has worked with some of the larger SOA customers in Norway. Board member of the Oracle User Group Norway (OUGN), and Oracle ACE Associate.

Customizing service calls with multiple levels of security in OSB 12c

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