At Sysco we have recently started using Vue.js. Vue is an amazing, powerfull and fun to work with front-end framework. In this blog post we will describe why we have chosen Vue and why it can also be a great choice for your project(s).

Analysing class loading conflicts on Weblogic

Fire and Forget call in OSB 11g

By following the latest Kafka Summit in London ( I found analogy between software industry and long distance race where racers have different opinion about the length of the race. In 80-ties big players like IBM thought it will be a sprint that can be easily won. Small players of that time like Apple understood that they need more endurance and that race will be at least 5000 meters. No one anticipated it will be longer than that. As they passed 5000 meter line, they all realised more realistic goal should be set. So 10 000 meter limit was set. As they were approaching this goal, dispersion of runners was evident. Some ware leading in the front some are lagging behind.

This will be a part two of my previous post which you can read here. In this post I will talk about customization part of the solution for service calls with different levels of security in OSB 12c. So, we had to develop two different solutions ei. two different service calls to different environments with different levels of security.