This will be a part two of my previous post which you can read here. In this post I will talk about customization part of the solution for service calls with different levels of security in OSB 12c. So, we had to develop two different solutions ei. two different service calls to different environments with different levels of security.

In this post, we will see a way to receive and transfer header parameters into a split join component using Jdeveloper 12c. There we go:

In this post, we will learn how to manage the Workplace Account Management API with OSB 12.2.1, there we go:


In this post, we will take a look at 3 libraries/tools for testing end points of web-services.


  1. Application under test
  2. RestAssured
    2.1. Definition
    2.2. Main features
    2.3. Use case (diagram)
  3. WireMock
    3.1. Definition
    3.2. Main features
    3.3. Use case (diagram)
  4. Testcontainers
    4.1. Definition
    4.2. Main features
    4.3. Use case (diagram)
    4.4. Additional (Awatility)
  5. Summary

Sysco have had several customers migrating to SOA Suite 12c or Service Bus 12c - and we have also presented about the topic at OUGN, OghTech and UKOUG-Tech in 2017. It was about time that we prepared a workshop for the customers who would like to know more about the process. What should they expect and what are the benefits they should get from functional improvements.