Warming up before AMIS 25th Conference event where I will be presenting with my friend and colleague Arturo Viveros (@gugalnikov) about Oracle SOA Suite provisioning, I want to share some practices that help us to provide Oracle Database instances between developers and improve our productivity.

REST clients fail after WebLogic upgrade from 12.1.2 to 12.1.3 or 12.2.1.

Some tips when debugging WLS cluster stability

In one environment we had problems with cluster stability - and there were unnecessary migrations of JMS Servers.

Purging the product database is one of the most critical tasks for ensuring the stability and performance of SOA/BPM Suite production environments. However, as important as this may be, it ends up usually being neglected or even completely overlooked, that is, until the shit literally hits the fan and then we’re just scrambling to save the operation and control the damage.

Wrong patch uploaded

Did you have problems with the latest SOA 12.1.3 Bundle Patch 22970958 ( We also. When you download the patch - look at inventory.xml and see that it contains the following information: