Using linear regression to detect memory leaks

Installing JMVD

The aim of this guide is to show you how to activate the JVMD on OEM Cloud Control 12C. According to [1] these are the main steps to install JVMD


In this little guide an Oracle Fusion Middleware 11G installation is used to demonstrate how to configure Oracle Configuration Manager 12 (OCM). During my experience as a System Administrator, I have seen with surprise that many customers do not use this system because they do not have enough time to configure it or because of the lack of information about it. However, it is important to remark that OCM gives customers the following advantages (Oracle, 2016).

Dead lock detection using JVMD

The aim of this manual is to show how useful is the Java Virtual Machine Diagnostics to find the root cause of a thread deadlock in Java.

Warming up before AMIS 25th Conference event where I will be presenting with my friend and colleague Arturo Viveros (@gugalnikov) about Oracle SOA Suite provisioning, I want to share some practices that help us to provide Oracle Database instances between developers and improve our productivity.