Deploying an application on a cluster

October 16, 2015

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Deploying an application on a cluster


This document complement the article created in High Availability since it uses the high available architecture created in that post to demonstrate how to deploy an application using a cluster. In addition, the web layer configuration to redirect requests towards the cluster is also included. Furthermore, the file system defined to store applications is used

You can download the guide using the following link.

Cluster deployment

Raul has a bachelor's degree in System Engineering and Informatics from San Marcos University in PerĂº. Before travelling to Norway he had worked for several years as a system administrator with focus on Oracle Application Servers and Oracle Weblogic. Nowadays, he is working for Sysco AS in Norway, where he is investigating about the latest technologies related to the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack such as Oracle SOA Suite 12C and Oracle Cloud Control 12C.

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