Requirement: So, you have a need for transferring files via SFTP in OSB 12c to the client’s SFTP endpoint location. This post can help you in couple of easy steps.

What do you feel when you hear word “database”? What about “database modelling”? Have you ever thought of spending some “quality” time with creating complex and adequate database model? If you feel eye twitching and sweat is running from your forehead then you are not a stranger to the world of eternal pain.

In this post, we will learn how to send html content for the emails using a UMS adapter in OSB 12c. There we go:

Yes, I’m the guy who is using JDeveloper. Yes, I struggle a lot (sometimes even more then I think I deserve), but you know what, today I will step aside from emotions, which sometimes cover me with a full force, and will take more rational side.

In this post, we will learn how to use customized queries for Distributed polling in OSB 12C, there we go: