Sysco has waited long for Oracles new API Platform Cloud Services - and finally this summer it was released. We had a Cloud Hands-On seminar this spring, and one of the promises we had was to provide the audience an API seminar later this year. There were more than 30 participants in the audience.

Weblogic server FTP JCA adapter can be used to connect to both FTP and SFTP servers from Java, SOA and OSB applications. Therefore it is important to understand how it is working and how it can be properly tuned.

In my earlier post about purging the Oracle SOA product database, I mentioned that this is one of the most critical tasks when it comes to ensuring the stability and performance of SOA/BPM Suite production environments.

Requirement is fairly simple, there is a need to transfer a “non XML” file (in this specific case .pdf document) based on the file name which is sent in the Request message and transfer the file to another external system using HTTP POST.

If words “Cloud” and “Integration” are something you are interested in and you are in search of some products/services in this area, then this book review is for YOU!